9 Reasons to Ditch the Pants and Live in Your Swimsuit

Let’s be honest. Seeing photos of anyone enjoying a tropical vacation during COVID hurts. 

During what we have deemed ‘the summer of COVID ‘20’, vacations are canceled, pools are closed, swimsuits are stuck in drawers, and we are all stuck inside ready to have any escape from it all. 

As we were staring at our comfortable men’s swim trunks, we realized something important: Swim clothes are far more comfortable than regular clothes, so why wouldn’t we wear them all the time?

We had time, so that’s exactly what we tested, and you know what? We realized men’s swim trunks are way more comfortable than regular pants. 

 Here are nine reasons why you should ditch the pants and live in your swim trunks.  


1) In 2020, there are no rules. Anything goes. 

Between the pandemic and everything else going on in the world, formalities are out the door. As long as you’re wearing a mask outside of your house, you’re doing great. Why not add an extra comfort level and wear a comfortable swimsuit that fits like a second skin? If anything, it will add another level of entertainment to your Zoom calls. 

*Living in swim trunks with a mesh liner may reduce chafing; pick up a pair of our comfortable men’s swim trunks without liners to achieve optimum comfort levels. 


2) Less Clothing, More Support.

You wake up, find a pair of underwear, you put on your pants - blah blah blah. Most underwear bunches up and creates less comfort. Imagine waking up, stretching, and just throwing on a swimsuit. Boom. You’re ready to rock for the day. 

That stretchy material, that support (that our swimsuits for men offer) slips on and greets you like a soft, yet firm hug in the morning. Gone are the wasted moments where you have to get up and shift your underwear around. It’s like taking what Steve Jobs did with his turtle necks but doing it with high-quality swimsuits instead. Iconic. 


3) No More Tight Pants.

We’re not judging, but we know many of us have gotten a little fluffy during COVID. There’s nothing that draws more attention than putting on a pair of pants that used to fit. Swimsuits are flexible and form to your body. You can sit comfortably, stretch comfortably, and even work out!

I mean, we’re only on reason 3, but are you not sold yet?! Why haven’t we come to this realization before?


4) No More Chafing. 

Chafing. Even just the word makes us cringe. Jeans or regular clothing can cause chafing just as much as a swimsuit with a liner. Anyone who has experienced this knows chafing is the gift that keeps on giving. The only way to make it feel better is to lay there until it heals. 


Yes, we know that some unisex swimsuits or any swim clothes with liners/mesh can chafe, which is why we’ve created our suits to have a customer streamlined design that offers more support than an ordinary suit, without any chafing.

Did you know our swimsuits? Check out our styles here. 


5) You can work out in them.

Workout pants for men are essentially the same design as our swimsuits, except our swimsuits were made to absorb water and support. Ditch your old, loose-fitting workout pants and throw on a pair of comfortable swim trunks to get your lift on. You’ll feel more supported, more comfortable, be able to check your form better, and you’ll become more confident during your workouts. Bonus point: You can work out, drop your weights, and immediately dive into a pool or the shower without worrying about changing clothes.  

Again back to our Steve Jobs reference, this is optimizing your life. 

Check out our traditional blú men’s swimsuit. 


6) You can pretend you’re going on vacation. 

To get through COVID, sometimes we need to escape. You may not be going to the beach, or a lake, or to a hotel to swim (we’re getting sad just thinking about it) - BUT you can put on your swimsuit and try to pretend. Throw on some sunglasses, head outside, and maybe play some ocean sounds in the background. Make your little water oasis and tan in your swimsuit. At least you will have a tan line when the world opens back up.


7) You can shower in them.

2020 is all about optimization. Yes, some of us have all the time in the world, and some are busy but either way, now is the time to get organized. Imagine not having to get undressed and redressed after a shower? You can go straight from your home desk, to working out, to showering without missing a beat. PLUS, you can save water by cleaning your swim trunks while you shower instead of waiting to use the washing machine. It’s a win-win. 


8) You can sleep in them.

If you wear swimsuits that aren’t comfortable enough to sleep in, what are you doing with your life? Have no fear, you can purchase one of our super comfortable men’s swimsuits here. Our unisex swimsuits fit like a second glove so you can feel supported in and out of the water. 

You wear clothing to sleep in any way, why not just combine your daywear and nightwear? You’ve already cleaned out your closet from boredom from COVID. Just simplify your wardrobe a little bit more and use your swim trunks. When you think about it, your swim trunks can go from water to ground, but can your regular clothes go from land to water? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Swim clothes are superior, especially if they are made with as much attention to detail as ours.


9) You will always be prepared to jump in the water at a moment’s notice.

Restrictions are changing by the hour, and let’s be honest; we can’t wait to jump into a pool or lake full of water to cool us off. If you ditch your pants and wear your swimsuit 24/7, you won’t miss a beat as soon as you get the green light to head on vacation or to a public swim area. 


Now, if you don’t mind, we’re going to swap our one pair of swim trunks for another. The one’s we are currently wearing were so comfortable; we forgot we even had them on. 

If you want to be even more prepared for the open waters, check out our water accessories. Each swimsuit also comes with a fun pouch to hold your keys, wallet, and whatever else you want to take with you when the world opens back up.


We can’t wait to see you out there!