Collection: a classic piece, reinvented.

Collection: blú for men

after seemingly endless research, we designed what you are craving… your favorite swimsuit (no, seriously… this will be your favorite).

each suit is designed with sustainability in mind, produced in a fair-trade factory, and 5% of every sale goes back to protecting our open waters.

every detail has been thought out, executed, and delivered to your door.  what’s left?  just add water!

20 products
  • the nantucket by eric goldie
  • the nashville trunk
  • the vineyarder trunk
  • the bakers bay trunk
  • the valencia trunk
  • the capri trunk
  • the st tropez
  • the phuket trunk
  • the devonshire trunk
  • the great barrier reef
  • the kiawah - light blú
  • the vineyarder
  • the south beach
  • the valentine
  • the kiawah - dark blú
  • the hampton

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