the bakers bay
the bakers bay
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the bakers bay

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If you’ve ever been to Baker’s Bay, you’ve probably come across a variety of starfish, sea turtles, sharks, and smiles. If you haven’t, the baker’s bay suit will make you feel like you’re swimming among them. This suit will give you a prolonged dose of joy to keep you smiling throughout the day. 


Below the deck...

Baker’s Bay is a 3 mile long bay on the island of Great Guana Cay. A clear and aqua sea grass bed in the Sea of Abaco, it was a favorite destination of Abaco Islands boaters for years.

Baker’s Bay is home to foraging and nesting sea turtles of up to five species. It is also home to a wide variety of bright starfish, sharks and large fish. Baker’s Bay is created by two mangrove rivers from the island, which are important estuaries for the island’s coral reef

product disclaimers

May include overwhelming joy.
May not make it into the washing machine, high risk of inability to remove due to overwhelming joy.
Not responsible if your kids refuse to take it off.
May induce momentary stress from feeling like you forgot to put on pants (but you didn’t, our suit is just that comfortable).
Please remind family members, if they forget, they are not naked, they’re just in a bathing suit that is THAT comfortable.


Drawstrings that actually adjust to your comfort
Easy slip-on ability
Breathable fabric
Stretches for comfort, not for show
Innovative J-stitch design for added support below deck
No mesh liners to mess with
Color fade technology keeps your pattern bright

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