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when a child sees water, they see adventure!

however, as a parent, we know all too well that blissful water-bound days can take a dramatic turn the moment you start discovering sand in every crevice of your child's being. so, when (not if but when...) your kids dump sand inside their suits, there is nothing we can do except offer support. we’ve all been there!

sweet cheeks by blú gives parents a bit of added peace of mind with a swimsuit specifically designed to protect your kids from the elements of play. for you... we've given you back a valuable minute... go relax!

13 products
  • the nashville bather
  • great barrier reef
  • the baker's bay
  • the capri bather
  • the valencia bather
  • the phuket bather
  • the vineyarder
  • the kiawah
  • the hampton
  • the blú
  • mini 'kini
  • the galway
  • sweet cheeks rash guard

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